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The arboretum


A Route of Trees has been set up in a wooded site, close to the buildings, where we discover around forty different species : hardwoods and conifers of the region, among which old and beautiful subjects (oaks, chestnut trees, beeches, cherry trees , holly ... Douglas, pectinates, spruces, Scots pines and Weymouth ...)


This space planted by Madame Souchal in the 1930s was not spared from the various storms of the 20th. Many works of grinding, cleaning, pruning have made it possible to give air in the beech forests. The elimination and destruction of the stumps served to open up walking paths.


The marked trails allow you to make, through woods and meadows, an interesting and pleasant walk from half an hour to an hour, according to one of the three signposted routes chosen.

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