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The garden


Be free to stroll as long as you like over the alleys of the old 17th century manorial garden.


The Banizette garden overlooks the mill reach on the terrace and offers a view of the entire Banize valley. Built around a fountain, this pleasure garden was redesigned "à la française" when the estate was listed as a Historic Monument.


The fountain welcomes around its periphery in spring a multitude of peonies in pink and white colors then fall brings us their golden-red foliage.

Depending on the season, appreciate perennial plants (roses, peonies, hostas, aster, delphiniums), annual flowers (cosmos, Indian roses, iris, dalhias), fruit trees (plum, pear, apple) ... and small red fruits (raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries and mulberry trees), three hundred year old boxwood and the majestic yew.


In recent years, a vegetable garden has been created with ancient vegetables (cucurbits, parsnips, cabbage, etc.), aromatic plants (thyme, bay leaf, mountain ache, valerian, burnet, tansy, and many others). Asters associated with wild daisies surround each square of the vegetable patch.


A real shelter for insects, this garden will amaze you with its blue tones of spring and pink during summer. Until the frosts, the garden retains its fall colors.


Ornamental garden with flowers and fruits but also ornamental garden with a small pavilion covered in chestnut shingles with its sides in trellis on which the Aristoloche walks, its leaves were used to create the greenery that decorated the contours of the first tapestries Aubusson.

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