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The collections


A true memory of rural life in the Creuse, the Domaine de Banizette showcases objects and tools all in use at the time when we lived in self-sufficiency in the countryside of the Limousin mountain.


In each room, witnesses of ancient life many traditional tools evoke the daily life of the agricultural world and the trades of yesteryear. The wood of the forests was cut by long sawyers, the carpenters cut beautiful joists, the carpenters assembled the furniture, the clog makers made wooden clogs and galoshes, the peasants worked the ground with the help of horses, masons from the Limousin went to limousine in Paris. Saw, varlope, doloire, paroir, planer, auger, scythe, horseshoes… .were shaped by the blacksmith.


Also discover a room reserved for the daily tasks of women: carrying water, collecting dead wood, transforming milk into cream and butter, preserving food in salting rooms, preparing meals, spinning wool with the spinning wheel and the distaff.

Relive the evenings of yesteryear sitting by the fireplace with the crackling fire and taste the chestnuts cooked in the pierced pan:

a guaranteed return to the past.


Old photographs and illuminations from the Middle Ages depict these objects in their daily use.

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